The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign

Written & Performed by Joanne Hartstone
Directed by Vince Fusco

Production Design by Tom Kitney
Produced by Matt Morillo/KADM

Presented by Theater For The New City - Crystal Field, Executive Director

About The Show

An aspiring actress stands on the 50 foot H, looking out at the lights of Los Angeles and the Dream Factory known as Hollywood. It is 1949: Truman is President, Marilyn Monroe is a little known model who poses nude for an art calendar in order to recover her impounded car, and nobody has ever heard of Evie Edwards...

Charting over 30 years of the Golden Age of Hollywood, including stories from the Silent Era, the Great Depression and World War II, this solo show takes audiences on a nostalgic journey – with a different perspective.

The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign includes songs composed for cinema’s greatest stars - Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow and more. 

Joanne Hartstone is Evie Edwards - the girl who has only ever wanted one thing: to be a star.

Written & Performed by Joanne Hartstone

Directed by Vince Fusco

Production Design by Tom Kitney

Produced by Matt Morillo (KADM Productions)

Presented by Theatre For The New City - Crystal Field, Executive Director

Photography by Peter Hall & Vince Fusco

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The next season of 

'The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign' 

will be in 

New York City - January 2018

Theater For The New City

155 1st Ave, Manhattan, New York, New York 10003, United States

+1 212-254-1109

Show Dates & Times

January 2 - January 21, 2018

Tuesday 8pm 

Wednesday 8pm 

Thursday 8pm 

Friday 8pm 

Saturday 3pm & 8pm 

Sunday 3pm

(Monday Off)




“Joanne Hartstone is an all-round entertainer, oozing comedic, 

dramatic and musical talent in this magical performance. 

A true Super Star is Born.” 



"An insider’s tour of Hollywood’s Golden era... a profound reflection on the use and abuse of women – their ambitions, their independence, their bodies and souls. This is an iron fist of a script nestling in a velvet glove.” 



“A superb one woman show... Joanne gives an incredible performance, deeply moving at times although with its moments of humour.”



“This is much more than simple storytelling. Hair, make-up and costume are all perfect for the era, and Hartstone looks every bit the movie star as she weaves this tale of hopes, dreams and aspiration. The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign is fascinating, the audience were utterly captivated by Hartstone’s in depth character study and riveting performance."



“Hartstone’s accent and delivery are perfectly evocative of the period – her straight-talkin’ speech recalls Katharine Hepburn or Rosalind Russell, while her singing voice is akin to Judy Garland’s. As she relates her compelling, all-too-believable tale, that gigantic half-H looms in the background, a constant reminder of (almost) certain tragedy to come.” 



“Joanne Hartstone gives a masterful performance combining the many faces of her heroine – the frightened, the determined, the pathetic, the heroic – with outbreaks of song that not only spoke to the age but of the age. That she also wrote this play speaks further volumes for her talents; its research, concocting a tale of promise and poison Hollywood style, is interwoven without confusing complexity. In short, nothing detracts from the magic of this production..."


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'The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign' Press Pack - NY 2018 (pdf)